Thursday, April 5, 2012

billion dollar dance off

yesterday my company held its billion dollar celebration. besides stuffing my face with food from around the world and no less than 4 bowls of make your own ice cream sundae deliciousness (not to mention the flowing wine and beer...go america!), i had a massage and then proceeded to shake all of my tail feathers. for FIVE hours. Somewhere in there, I sang ice ice baby on karaoke, demonstrated for all how to bake a cake and made eyes at the drummer in the live band. And you know 12 seconds with a white girl came out not once, not twice, but approximately 39 times.

i will say this. next time i have a billion dollar dance off, i'm not going to wear jack rogers. Jack may be cute but he is not comfy. but you can bet your billion dollar bill i will wear my sunglasses for the entirety of the celebration, and not just at the end.

Also, I have a question for you. While I was doing the cupid shuffle with 74 of my coworkers, what were you doing? because i'm gonna go out on a limb here and say you were probably working. at your desk. sorry about it.

ps - there is apparently video evidence of the billion dollar dancing. stay tuned.

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