Tuesday, January 21, 2014

a love story (hand rolled, right here, there's nothing cookie cutter about it)

(three cheers and maybe a nugget tray if you can guess where that saying came from)

Just about every morning on the way to work (but usually on the way home from the gym), Meredith would stop by the Chick Fil A near her house and get a drink (and more often than not, a chicken biscuit). And every morning, the cute guy in the window would chit chat with her. But he never asked her name and she never asked his. In fact, the first real conversation they even had was about the state fair. He asked her if she was going, she told him no because she hated the state fair, and that was that.

This went on for a few months. They made small talk about how cold it was for him to stand in the window, how cute her dog in the backseat was, and on the rare occasion she stopped by on her way to work, how well she cleaned up. And then one week, he wasn't there. Concerned, Meredith asked where he was (she knew his name from her many receipts). The girl in the window said he was working afternoons that week and then asked her about her Meredith College ring because she too went to Meredith College. That Friday, Meredith left work early and decided to congratulate herself on finishing up work for the year by getting a cookie from Chick Fil A. And there he was in the window. She asked him where he had been all week; he asked her where she had been all his life. Then he said "I don't even know your name." So they officially met. He told her he had heard she had asked about him and that apparently, she was a good one because she was a Meredith girl and Meredith girls are always catches. She found out he loved NC State, and he found out she hated NC State. He told her that the reason he was always in the window when she came by was because he had told his coworkers that if "the girl in the red car" came through, to tell him so he could serve her. In an effort to not completely blow it already, Meredith offered to bring him an NC State Tervis Tumbler she had lying around her house. She was moving in a couple of months and needed to get rid of it anyway and this was a perfect excuse. They found out they had a mutual Facebook friend. So using that as her tool, and her tervis tumbler as her excuse, she messaged him on Facebook and asked when he would be working again so she could bring the tumbler by. He responded that she was his favorite regular and asked her to dinner. She agreed, as long as it wasn't to Chick Fil A.

They went out the following week to dinner at Fox and Hound at North Hills and the movie Les Mis. Except they had so much fun at dinner that they showed up late to the movie and were forced to sit on the very front row. They laughed the entire movie at things they had discussed at dinner. He asked her for a second date before the night was over, and at the end of the night, he walked her to her car but didn't kiss her. She left wondering what the heck his problem was.

On their second date, he knew she was special. On their third, she knew he was the one. His coworkers gave her the moniker "chicken lady," and after a month, they told people they were going to elope. But that got complicated, so they had a real wedding and are now living happily ever after. duh. 

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