Wednesday, September 24, 2014

ooo lah lah for rue la la

When I lived in Charlotte, I had a friend who introduced me to Rue La La. And by introduce, I mean she got a credit when I bought something. So of course, in turn, I have introduced friends in hopes of getting my own credits!

I have bought a lot from Rue La La at a discount. I mean, I think it's a discount. Maybe it's just the thrill of buying "designer" online when I should be working, but whatever it is, it is hard to say no to a Rue La La box on your doorstep (and in the words of my friend, "I always say Ooo lah lah for Rue La La").

The greatest perk about Rue La La is that once you buy something, you get 30 days of free shipping. So you can imagine how much my purchasing power goes up during the 30 days of free shipping.

The other day, they had mattresses on sale. Now, Bill and I had just discussed getting a new mattress. Our mattress is a hardly used before now mattress from the lake, and the guest bedroom mattress is my old mattress that rolls to the center, so no use in switching that over.  However, apparently, in typical Bill fashion, when he mentioned maybe getting a new mattress, he didn't mean right away. He just meant eventually. Sort of like if it ain't broke, don't fix it. But when I heard mattress, I got all kinds of excited because I had just seen that Rue La La was hosting a Sealy boutique that week.

And I already had free shipping.

Except when I mentioned this to Bill, he was less than enthused. Actually, his words to me were something along the lines of "just because you have free shipping on Rue La La doesn't mean we should buy a mattress online."

I mean, i guess he had a point. I just really like a good deal, and somehow, free shipping on a MATTRESS made me feel like I would be beating the system somehow.

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