Thursday, September 9, 2010


I can recall countless games of Tag growing up, which I hated because I ALWAYS got tagged and you’re it-ed and, let’s face it: I just ain’t Mugsey Bogues. I could NEVER catch anyone to tag them. This would be funny for about 2 seconds and then I would get tired of being It, so I would just stop. And the game would end. Eventually people stopped asking me to play tag. But don’t worry. My feelings were definitely not hurt. But with the age of the Internets, a new form of tagging evolved. You can now be tagged in pictures, wall posts, and blogs. At first, I loved being tagged. As in at one point, over 2,000 pics of the Mere Mere were tagged on the Facebook. But then I got all weirded out, and de-tagged roughly 89% of said pictures. I left the notes I had been tagged in tagged though. I mean, who doesn’t love talking about themselves. While I understand Toby Keith wants to talk about himself more than myself, I am using my most recent tagging experience as another channel for you to learn more about The Mere Mere. My friend Becky of asks the following questions. And I have answered. Please, get excited and get ready for this experience into my soul.
1. What's your favorite form of exercise (whether you exercise or not)?
I like any type of exercising. I want to be a cage fighter but my dad has a problem with “women getting hit in the reproductive organs.” I did kick box for awhile so you probably shouldn’t mess with me. My roundhouse kick pretty much karate chops Chuck Norris’ roundhouse in the face. I like to run, but I have terrible shin splints, so these days I swim and yoga. I’ve been a swimmer my whole life, including a stint as a synchronized swimmer in college (and no, when one drowns, the whole team doesn’t have to drown too) so I can say I really enjoy it. I wrote a book when I was in first grade about being an Olympic swimmer, and clearly, my dreams have come true. Yoga, well, we all know my sentiments on that. I can 100% without a doubt say that I despise yoga. But, I do not despise the way I feel afterward.
2. Are you an early bird or night owl? What do you like best about that time of day/night?
I am afraid I am just a bird. It hurts my feelings to get out of bed in the mornings, and I get sleepy at night. I love to sleep. But I love being awake too. I don’t feel like I’m moody, but apparently, in the mornings, when your feelings are hurt first thing, it causes you to be in a bad mood until lunch time, when it’s time to let your vittles fill your mouth. What I like best about any time is that it is time!
3. What's the greatest lesson you learned from your parents that you actually apply today?
let your vittles fill your mouth. you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. if you lay down with dogs, you’re gonna get fleas. don’t count your chicken before they hatch.
Did you choose the right major in college? If so, what was it? If not, what would you change?
I did. I always knew I wanted to be an English major. Not because I wanted to teach, though I did toy with the idea, but because I wanted to read and write. My fave classes in college were Chaucer and British Romantic Poetry. I did my thesis on The Critical Reception of F. Scott’s Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby in 1925 and Present Day and honestly, if you want one of the most exciting reads of your life, let me know and I will loan you a copy of my thesis. I LOVED being an English major.
HOWEVER, if I weren’t an English major, I most undoubtedly would have been a math major. This is because the ONLY math I have EVER understood in my life is logarithms. But please, don’t ask me what they even are because presently I cannot remember. My math teacher, when I finally made it to College Algebra my junior year (of was COLLEGE algebra, hello), suggested I think about taking more math since most math majors don’t understand logarithms. um, excuse me? that makes no sense and is stupid.
5. What kind of driver are you? Slow and cautious? Calm and assertive? Aggressive? Road rager? does the fact that I got kicked off the school bus for defacing school property and throwing things out the window say anything about me? or the fact that I to this day still shake my fist at anyone who doesn’t do as I feel they should whilst driving? And sometime, I feel like the best revenge is just to flip someone off. But I probably shouldn’t admit that.
6. If you're sad, what's the one thing that can always make you happier?
I would like to say it something like flowers and poems and songs and cuddling, and while those things DO make me happy, pretty much free cash and some McDonalds will do it 100% of the time.

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