Thursday, July 21, 2011

evening phone call with merdeezy's mama

merdeezy: hey mama. what are you doing?
mama: well. i'm watching public access from south carolina about this murderer, peewee gaskins.

[note: mom is from south carolina. double note: i have no idea why she even gets SC public access since she lives in north carolina]

merdeezy: do you KNOW him?
mama: i'm not sure. i'm trying to figure it out. when i was little, daddy worked with a man named ricky gaskins. and his son was peewee gaskins.
merdeezy: mama. i can't imagine there are THAT many peewee gaskins in south carolina. you grew up with a murderer!
mama: i guess so. he was from hemingway and killed someone in conway, which isn't that far from hemingway.
merdeezy: or GEORGETOWN (I was getting very excited).
mama: right. i better call Libby and tell her.

[note: libby is my aunt, mama's sister]
so we get off the phone so she can call Libby and I can tend to Lee, who kept beeping in to discuss the crisis he was having over Eli's birthday card (don't ask because i just don't know). about an hour later I call mama back.

merdeezy: so, did you find out if you know a murderer?
mama: yes. it's not him. i googled him.
merdeezy: so you're telling me there's more than one peewee gaskins in south carolina?
mama: yes. he was very gruesome too. he was a cannibal.
merdeezy: i just can't believe you have a friend named peewee gaskins and that there is more than one of him in south carolina!
mama: well this peewee was born in 1933. so it can't be the same guy because i'm not that old.
merdeezy: i mean, who even names their kid peewee?
mama: i don't know. he was the son of a man daddy worked with.

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