Thursday, July 14, 2011

ma! where's the protein?!

Just got off the phone with my mama. Here is our convo.

Mama: did you get lunch?
Merdeezy: yeah. I'm drinking these protein shakes. They make me gag. I have to quit.
Mama: aren't you going to be hungry?
Merdeezy: yeah. I am eating a banana though. What are you doing?
Mama: eating my lunch from The Chicken Box. They have the BEST friend chicken. and they don't have biscuits. Only yeast rolls.
Mama: did you hear me? they don't have biscuits. only yeast rolls. and the best tea made with splenda.
Merdeezy: I just don't think it's very nice to tell things like this to the girl who just said she had a protein shake and it makes her gag.
Mama: sorry. but this chicken is so good I had to tell someone.

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