Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Birthdizzy Recap One

My 29th Birthdizzy came and went with only a few hiccups. I mean, let's face it. When do I ever not have the hiccups? The celebrations started with some emails flying around about what Nikki, Katie and I were going to do to celebrate. It was decided we would visit the Aviator Brewery and then finish the night off with a corn maze (thereby staying away from all the hoe bags downtown celebrating Halloween). I think it's important to note here that we all made fun of, more than once, the people who got lost in the corn maze and called the police. I'm pretty sure the thought "who gets lost in a corn maze? we can gps our way outta that shit" was shared by all. in writing. I think it's also important to note that it took us a good hour and a half to get to a brewery 35 minutes away. No one really knew where we were going, and I, the resident non beer drinker, was the driver. My only saving grace is that I have FL plates still, so people are a little more understanding when I cut them off. Everyone knows people from FL can't drive anyway. Nikki had one set of directions, I had another and Katie just sat in the back laughing. We managed to pass a building with the Aviator sign on the outside, so we stopped, went inside and walked right out the other door. We looked pretty dumb since this was clearly NOT the brewery and we were discussing the brew tour as we walked in one door and right out the other (kind of like selective hearing. only not). After driving aimlessly around the outskirts of Raleigh, we finally found the brewery. Now, don't let these two fool you. Oh sure, they're both real cute and real funny. But they are sneaky. I mean, I'm still trying to figure out how they convinced me to go to a brewery for approximately 3 hours. I don't even drink beer! But I cannot tell a lie. I sampled the fall beer, and although it took me the same amount of time to drink 1 beer that it took them to drink 37, it wasn't all that bad. Plus, we did actually do the brewery tour and I learned just how scientific the beer making process is (and just how cute the brew master is). Also, please note my pretty pink coat. It didn't take long before I had plopped my arm down into a puddle of beer on the counter.

After the brewery, we went back up the road to the aforementioned building for supper. Whilst at the brewery, we learned that was their tap room and after 3 hours of drinking barley and oats, we were hongry. plus, we had a coupon for free fried pickles from the brewery. So off we went. We all ordered what turned out to be THE spiciest burgers of our LIVES and mac and cheese. There was live music, some cougars dancing away, and all in all a good vibe. So much so that we switched to wine. At the brewery tap house. it made sense at the time. However, I am sad to report that we didn't get to really enjoy our food and spirits because we were late. for a very important date. with the corn maze.

only, we never found the corn maze. wait. that's a false truth. we did eventually find it. but it was after it was closed. we drove around and around, through multiple counties even, looking for the stinkin corn maze, only to find it when we were headed towards the interstate on the way back home. When we did find it, they told us we were too late to go in the maze, but we were welcome to experience the haunted woods. Now. this was a DIE-lemma. We had all 3 said over email that we didn't want to be scared. but then we got there. And since we all felt like we needed to check our college diplomas to make sure we really had them, we were torn (well, Nikki and I were. Katie wasn't torn at all) on whether or not we should make the trip worth while and visit the haunted maze. I mean. Here were 3 girls who had made so much fun of the dummies who got lost in the corn maze and we couldn't even make it to the corn maze. So, shouldn't we grow a pair and visit the haunted woods? You would think this answer would come easy.

I asked them what they wanted to do. Nikki stayed silent. Katie told me she wanted to live.
I told them if we did this, I'd have to grab onto one of them. Katie told me she'd be grabbing onto herself.
Nikki listened for a minute then informed us that the haunted woods were so deep into the woods, you couldn't hear anything.
We asked strangers walking past the car if we should go. They all said yes. We were undecided. So we decided to play "what would our mothers tell us to do?" All of our mothers would have told us not to go.
Nikki remembered she had an 8 ball app on her iphone. So we asked the 8 ball if we should go. It told us it was doubtful.

So we 3 didn't go into the haunted woods. Or the corn maze. But, the night wasn't a total bust. Nikki and Katie surprised me with a singing Justin Bieber toothbrush and some cupcakes. I wish I could explain to you adequately how great the day was. I honestly don't remember when I've laughed that hard. However, I will say that I'm not sure the 8 ball was a fair judge of what we should have done. We asked it if one of us (who shall remain unnamed since I'm not sure how she feels about the topic) was going to get lucky at the rest stop the next day. It told us it was doubtful and while she didn't get lucky at the rest stop per say, she did get lucky. So, the 8 ball was wrong.

We probably should have gone into those haunted woods. Dammit.

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