Friday, November 4, 2011

that's a bunch of baloney

I want everyone to study this picture closely. You will find the following facts to be true: my dad was the August winner at Jersey Mike's. He's holding a box of Jersey Mike's subs. And he's giving the peace sign. Now, clearly my dad is a lucky dude. Do you know how awesome I would feel if I had won lunch from Jersey Mike's? Do you know how awesome I would feel if I won anything AT ALL, ever?

But, I want to talk about this peace sign that he's holding up. At my birthdizzy dinner on Tuesday, I told him that I was ashamed to see my dad had given the peace sign. That he didn't really look like a hippie in his tie. And besides that, who even gives the peace sign anymore. He went on to tell me how the hippies stole the peace sign, that it really was Winston Churchill's sign for Victory in WW2. I said "dad. That is the universal sign for hippies and it means peace." He said "That is a bunch of baloney! It stands for Victory!"

Yes. you read that right. My dad gave the peace sign in his Jersey Mike's winner picture because Winston Churchill gave it for Victory 65 years ago. My dad wasn't even born when ole Winston was passing out his victory sign. Yet here is my dad, in 2011, passing it out again.

I consider myself smart. I mean, I know who Winston Churchill is. I understand how big of a deal the war was. But that my friends is a peace sign. There is no way around it except to say that my dad threw up the peace sign when he picked up his box o'sammies. He might as well have had a text bubble above his head that said "yo! peace in the middle east to all my homies!"

Mom felt my bewilderment because she went on to tell the story of how at a dinner party years ago, everyone had to put the name of someone famous on a sticky note and then people had to guess who they were. Dad wrote down Chesty Pulley. I said "who the heck is Chesty Pulley?" Mom said "that's what everyone at that party said. Except your way is much nicer than what they said." Dad started laughing and said "oh come on Meredith. Chesty Pulley was a famous Marine. Everyone knows that."

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the stupids club. Because I bet none of you knew who Chesty Pulley was either.

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  1. I will admit that I have no idea who Chesty Pulley is, but your ole pops is right about the victory sign. Oddly enough, the swastika was an international peace symbol before the Nazis came along and adopted it. Ironic, yes?