Wednesday, February 1, 2012

aching on atkins

my friend kathleen and i decided to do the atkins diet. now, before you totally freak out (and trust. i got the freak outs on facebook), we're only doing the first two weeks to jump start the weight loss process (and to fit into my smokin' hot valentine's day dress. well, me. not her. it's barely going to fit me so there's no way it will fit both of us).

except today was day two. and i felt like complete and udder doodoo.

so i cheated. i went to wich wich. got myself a hula, a bag o chips and a mr. pibb. i decided to eat there so i could refill my mr. pibb as much as i pleased.

let's face it. i eat like a 7th grade boy. i can't just quit being a 7th grade boy cold turkey.

upon realization that i could get right back on the wagon tomorrow, i went to krispy kreme for dessert.

and now I shall go to sleep. happy. and full.

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