Friday, February 17, 2012

merdeezy gets schooled on women getting beat

original facebook convo starter: This is the official police report of what happened to Rihanna. This is what America condones by allowing this man to make public appearances.This is what those women on Twitter want done to them.

Ernie Rushing That was hard to read. What a d-bag...

Meredith Robertson tell me this. why should america hate chris brown when as soon as the restraining order was up,rhianna went right back to canoodling with him???

Ernie Rushing I think it's safe to hate any dude who beats the hell out of a woman. The fact that she's an idiot and went back to him tells us a great deal about her insecurities, but bottome-line, guys stop hitting girls. If you are unable to handle r...elationship arguments with wit and reason...she's too powerful for you and you should probably end it...or become comfortable not being in charge. It's that simple. Hitting = Dbaggery and is not condoned by Ernie Rushing or his Enterprises. Boom, Lawyered.

John Johnston ‎@Meredith, it's called battered women syndrome, and it happens every single day to millions of women. Do some research before making illegitimate judgments. This man beat the shit out of her, much like many men do every day, and the wome...n go back to them for a vareity of sociological reasons. It doesn't make it right, and it definitely doesn't mean you should EVER blame the woman. The fault lies within, and only with, the person laying violence on another person. Comments like that are preposterous.

Meredith Robertson ‎@john, thank you for the lesson. maybe you should read my statement again because i'm pretty sure it doesn't say that i blame her or that i haven't done my research. but like i said, thank you for the lesson.

Evan Mullinix aMERICA shUD H8 cHRIs BROwn bC HE tiPPES lIKe DiS oN tWiTteR

Evan Mullinix And uses the abbreviation for idiots guide to write "ur.

Evan Mullinix Also, he beat RiRi in the face.

Ernie Rushing ‎@meredith...that was awesome. I was going to say something but I knew you would be amazing yourself. Evan is handsome and the only thing he beats down on women is their resistance and wills.

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