Friday, February 3, 2012

reasons you know i'm super awesome: part 2

I love Jessica Simpson (side note. a quick google of merdeezy and jessica simpson proves I've written about her before but i'm really too tired to find them). Now, I realize one would think that loving jessica simpson would give me street cred. But surprisingly, it does not. I have found myself defending this position more times times than I have why I am a Republican. I even had a boss once tell me that it was a good thing I didn't put "jessica simpson" as a hobby on my resume...uhh. Sorry but if loving Jessica Simpson is a reason not to hire me, then I don't want to work. ever.

I once got kicked out of the Park Hotel in Charlotte for following Jessica there. I just KNEW she'd be there after her free concert at UNCC (yes. I am so awesome I saw her for free. or maybe she was just that bad...). The douchenozzle that was the Bellman at the Park said "ma'am are you staying here?" I looked down at my Sambas and flannel shirt, looked up at him in his tux and didn't even try to flirt. I knew my finely tuned flirting wasn't going to help in this case. He told me I needed to leave. I said "but my friend Jessica Simpson is staying here tonight! We're having a sleepover." Needless to say, I didn't get to have a sleepover with Jess that night.

And then there was the time Jenn and I drove to Wilmington to scalp tickets to her show - and paid double the face value just to have floor seats. And then there were the times (before Bachelor) when Kristin and I watched Newlyweds every Wed. night and ate bbq chicken pizza and drank strawberry wine. And then there was the time Nick and Jessica got divorced and we watched the wedding video from their wedding and cried. And then there were the times I dressed up as her. That's right folks. How many times can you say you've dressed up as Jessica Simpson? And then there was the time an ex boyfriend asked me what kind of engagement ring I wanted. And I showed him my Jessica Simpson replica engagement ring and wedding band set.

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