Friday, September 14, 2012

thought for the day.

 an extra large glass of wine and three cheers to me. i'm pretty sure the bartenders at the Marriott Bar in downtown Raleigh thought I was a prostitute this week. Lezzzbehonest. Who but a prostitute would have a night cap at a hotel bar with a married man (and sometimes multiple married men) for three nights in a row?  Plus, if the wave of exhaustion that seemed to come upon me every night once we got to the hotel bar is any indication of what kind of prostitute I would be, then I should probably not ever try my hand at that. I would be the sleepiest prostitute in the world and you definitely would not get your money's worth. So I guess that means I shouldn't try to be a rockstar either. After partying like one all week, I feel insane.

dammit. i suppose I will just keep on being a paralegal.

1 comment:

  1. LOL! What an activity-filled week you have! So, don't go into prostitution, you won't earn anything as you might sleep your way to work.