Monday, August 6, 2012

jabroni = the rock?

i had a date this weekend, which if you know anything about me, this is big news. After dinner we met up with some friends for some drinks and dancing. and one of the friends of a friend called my date a jabroni. we laughed real good (because let's be honest. who ACTUALLY calls someone a jabroni?) And then it occurred to us that this may not actually be a very flattering comment. I decided to put my iphone to use and google the definition of jabroni right there in the bar. i learned that a jabroni is:

1. a loser, poser, lame-ass
2. Italian profanity for asshole
3. a put down used by the kick ass wrestler The Rock (so that explains all the rock pics on google)
4. one whose shit is most definitely weak
5. a wrestler with no shtick, no costume, and a lame name like "john evans", going up against a real wrestler lkie "hulk hogan" or "the rock". a jabroni may get in a couple good moves, may even get into a 'near-pin' situation, but will ultimately lose. why? he's a fuckin' jabroni! 

This made us laugh even harder. Have you ever been called a jabroni? Have you ever googled jabroni and then looked at the pics? Because other than pics of the Rock, I am glad to inform you that my date looked nothing like any of the following jabronis.

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