Thursday, August 23, 2012

the campaign

so, if you know anything about my family, you probably know that we are mainly Republican. In my family, conservative = republican and republican = party. (I say we are mainly republican because this big brother of mine, Lee, has spent a good amount of his time being liberal. I feel the winds of change coming soon though, especially since he doesn't think women should drive. And don't liberals believe in womens' rights?) But anyway. Tonight, my parents' are hosting a republican party. It's been a few years since they hosted a political party and truth be told, i'm really sad to miss it. (Not to mention a boy I make out with from time to time is running for a judgeship and he'll be there without me. I thought about hanging a picture of us on the wall just to make things awkward, but when I spilled the beans of my secret to him, he didn't think that would be appropes or funny. And he'll probably be annoyed I've blogged about him now but we just won't tell him) It's a rally for republican candidates in the Charlotte area. In case any of the neighbors were confused about the theme of the party, please see photo evidence below. (Do they still do Yard of the Month, mom? if so, I am submitting this for consideration!)

it's a good thing their house isn't a polling place, especially since they would probably only allow republicans in to vote, and that would cause the dems to get their pannies all up in a wad about voting unfairness and how crooked the repubs are. And we all know that just simply isn't true. Besides, have you seen Paul Ryan's abs? I think it's safe to say nothing is crooked about him.
At any rate, while my parents have been busy prepping their home for this Republican Party (and a party it will be. Have you ever been to one of their parties?), the Dems have been busy over at Obama Headquarters in Charlotte. Now, I don't live in Charlotte so I can't quite attest to this but I can tell you my mom's facebook status today is:

the Obama people have been lined up all morning outside my office window to pick up credentials for the convention. I can't believe that many people have that much time on their hands. Don't any of them have to work? On second thought, no they don't!
 All I know is, the police had arrived when my mom was leaving the office for lunch. As for me, I heard Milli Vanilli in the car on the way home for lunch. Go Repubs. it's your birthday.  

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