Friday, October 26, 2012

cold weather camping trip 2012: jackson hole, wyoming

Friday to Monday of last week I spent with my best friend Jenn in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. She flew in from San Francisco and I from Charlotte. This was a dream weekend. Jenn and I never get to see each other, and when we do, it is never enough time. After trying our hardest to figure out why our rental car wasn't unlocking (newsflash: the car two down from us was unlocking and flashing), we made it to the Four Seasons in Teton Village (note: when you have a best friend like Jenn, and you tell her you want to go camping in Wyoming for your birthdizzy, this is what happens). Upon check in, we were promptly upgraded to a room with a view, a bottle of wine and a plate of Huckleberry pretzels. We turned on the fireplace, opened the wine and of course had to immediately discuss how a few years ago I dated the most popular boy from our high school and he told me he wanted to be my huckleberry and it totally weirded me out. I mean, lezzzbehonest. He was hot, but he was no Val Kilmer.

We spent the entire weekend laying in front of the fire place, spahhhing it up downstairs, drinking copious amounts of wine, eating blue cheese fondue french fries and drinking bitch creek beers. We may or may not have picked up two married men at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar who were in town to elk hunt. These two married men may or may not have almost caused a fight between lesbians at the Virginian (which I do not recommend anyone go to when visiting Jackson Hole, unless you want to get beat up, or stabbed, by a lesbian).

Oh, and let's not forget that we brought it home wild wild west style at Old Time Photos. The dude running the show wasn't creepy. At All. But then again, neither were we as Indians.


  1. You certainly lead an interesting life ! What are we gonna do to DO our respective birthdays?

  2. LOL....Happy Birthday, Meredith!!! Also, by "most popular boy in our high school", who do you mean? I can think of a couple of candidates...although, I'm BURNING to know if you actually got to shag Tim Santini ;)