Friday, October 12, 2012

the friday outfit

it's sort of a commonly known thing around here that I have a hard time gettin' down with coming into work on Fridays. Looking fresh just isn't my thing after getting my booty handed to me all week. It's pretty safe to say that I care even less on a Friday than any other work day. And when I say care less, I mean I wear even less of a face, definitely don't brush my hair, and pretty much wear the same outfit every week.

My outfit is known as the Friday outfit. It consists of jean capris, the same sweet work swag t-shirt, and either trail shoes or boat shoes. Everyone knows about the Friday outfit. Sometimes, if I am having a particularly stressful week, I wear my Friday outfit on a non-Friday. This always seems to cause some confusion because no one can figure out what I will wear when Friday actually rolls around. But if I'm being honest, it's confusing for me too because that is the one day of the week I already have my outfit picked out.

Case in point.
The Friday outfit was all well and good until the weather changed. I hadn't accounted for this. I've been sticking it out until today. I woke up, and after driving to the gym and then turning around immediately and driving back home, I knew it was going to be too cold to wear my capris. Such a shame too because they are freshly washed and hanging on the rack waiting to be worn again. This caused a bit of panic because a) it is Friday b) I am not going to wear a dress on a Fri. c) I am certainly not going to wear real pants on a Friday and d) I loathe jeans. But I just really didn't feel like I had a choice - my friend Chelsea just talked to me last weekend about how I need to get over my jean issues. I pulled out my newest pair of jeans, bought months ago a size too small. But for the price, I had figured I could make them fit. Lucky for me, the size too small actually fits! I didn't even have to do a plie (plee-yay) to get into them. And because they are so fancy, I put on a pair of heels, a bright pink top and some bangles. And I even brushed my hair for good measure. 

And just now, at the microwave (because I am an old man and eat lunch at 11a), one of our execs walked by. He said, and I quote, "What is this? That is not the Friday outfit! You're throwing me off!" I said "well, if you think it's because I have a hot date, you are wrong. It was just because it's too cold for my capris." And then my friend Ronke walked up and said "check you out! I like your jeans." I asked her if they made my booty look good. Her reply made my day. 


And that is when I realized I really could get down with Friday. I got this. You got this.  We all got this.

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