Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Birthdizzy to Merdizzy's Mamadizzy (now who's dizzy)

My mother celebrated another fabulous year on Dec. 28. In honor of her birthdizzy, I'm sharing some of her daily wisdom. I know, I know. My birthdizzy list of facoids about myself was amazing but I can't do that for my mama. While her awesomeness far exceeds her years, no one is going to read a list of 50+ facts (sorry mom, but everyone knows you're over 50 by this point).

1. Always take a sweater. Even if it is 900 degrees and you feel hotter than Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the fiery furnace, you better have a sweater. Because you WILL be cold.

2. Speaking of getting cold, you should probably always have a pair of socks in your purse. Your feet will be freezing and who really cares if you look like Michael Jackson with your black shoes and white socks? Michael may not have done much right (remember, this is my mama talking, not me because we all know I love him), but you can bet his feet were never freezing. (side note: this was all well and good until someone at work asked for some gum and while searching for it in my purse out fell a pair of stockings. who wants gum that's been entangled with someone's stocking feet?)

3. If your name is Meredith, or if you have the names Lee or Eli, then you should plan to eat rougly 8-12 meals a day. My children need to eat often to keep up the good moods. When you were little, you would all have to eat a snack before breakfast and a snack before dinner. When I say snack, I really mean eat a bowl of cereal. or two.

4. Go to bed early. This staying up late watching scary shows is ridiculous and you are in a bad mood when you don't get a lot of sleep. babies sleep a lot for a reason and you should too. But that doesn't mean don't go to work. Because the only thing worse than a tired, hungry baby is a tired, hungry, unemployed baby that your father and I have to continue to support.

5. Always, always remember that your mother knows best. If it weren't true, I wouldn't keep reminding you.

6. Additionally, always remember that magnet you bought for me before you realized how right it was: mirror mirror on the wall, i'm like my mother after all.

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  1. I love your Mom! She is my role model in life :)