Monday, June 27, 2011

5/3 Bank: A Story of Theft

one day, Merdeezy decided to set up electronic transfers from her credit union account to her 5/3 bank accounts (there were two). Upon realization that 5/3 bank was going to charge her $10 for a new ATM card, she went into the local branch and closed her checking account. Why would you charge a customer for a new atm card and even more so, why would you tell them that a free one only goes out upon card expiration. Why not just send the customer a free, replacement card and call it a day? At any rate, the savings account stayed open. 5/3 bank processed deposits scheduled for the 15th of the month on the 13th of the month (because everything about this story makes sense). Since the credit union account only has money in it on the 15th of the month, this caused a problem and sent the deeze into overdraft. So, she went back to the branch and closed her savings account. The branch employee double checked to make sure there were no pending transactions. there were not and both the branch employee and the Deeze figured they were safe to assume that once it is closed, it is closed. The checking and the savings accounts continued to withdraw money from the credit union account, charging overdraft fees. Keep in mind there weren't even any open accounts for this money to go into. So Merdeezy went back to the branch and spoke to the branch manager. The branch manager was stumped, just like the deeze was. She placed a call to some internal help line who informed her that pending transactions must be canceled before accounts are closed. Well, that was helpful since her employee had closed Merdeezy's accounts already. She told Merdeezy there was nothing they could do, Deeze dropped the f bomb on her, and you would think that would be the end. But no.

Merdeezy placed a call to the Office of the President (5/3 is very sneaky. They keep this number well hidden but just in case you also need it, it is: 866-360-5353) and spoke to some representative who assured Merdeezy she was opening an investigation and would call her back. Good thing the Deeze knows how to not let things drop since she was never called. But have no fear: the Deeze called her to follow up twice. Today she told the Deeze that her overdraft fees were not 5/3's problem and that she should have stopped payment with her credit union before closing her accounts. Again, this was helpful. This is also very interesting to Merdeezy since NOT A SINGLE EMPLOYEE AT THE BRANCH KNEW THIS (not to mention it's entirely different than what the Deeze had already been told. So, we go from canceling pending transactions before closing accounts to stopping payments at the other bank before closing accounts. smells like 5/3 doesn't know what they are doing and doesn't mind being a thief). Besides, why would she pay money to stop a transaction when she got a red screen saying "you have no pending transactions."


doesn't the bank have a duty of care to not only make sure their employees are fully trained but also to make sure they relay that info to the customer? Shouldn't the bank just assume their customers are dumb and tell them everything they need to know?

Yes. Yes they should.

Since the Deeze is officially dumber than a box of rocks, it's no wonder she is also confused beyond confused about this. In the meantime, while she's trying to make herself smarter, she has filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Reserve and the NC Commissioner of Banks. Oh, and her attorney will be sending them a demand letter.

Fifth Third the thief never should have barked up the Deezy tree.

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