Friday, June 17, 2011

facebook fornication

My friend Beth posted this on her facebook. the conversation that followed is quite amusing. And, if you read closely, you might learn a few things.

Why must they do this IN MY KITCHEN?
    • Beth: Also, an interesting factoid: mere moments earlier, Bunker had projectile vomited on my latest Consumer Reports. Hey, whatever gets you in the mood.
    • DDL: Really?????
    • Robin: Ew! Kitty porn!
    • MM: I almost clicked the Like link but thought that might come off as creepy
    • COB: Is this Kitty Kamasutra? So which one is "P" whipped?
    • KFG: hey they are just re-enacting what their owners do...monkey see monkey do? in this case kitty kat see kitty kat do!
    • Beth: more like: kitty kat see kitty kat, kitty kat do kitty kat
    • MF: Are they doing it kittystyle?
    • WF:
    • Beth: ‎1:46 - 1:55 HA!
    • MW: Hey, at least it was on the floor...think if you didn't see it, and cut veggies on their counter top of love.
    • Merdeezy: i like how the one just lays there. my kind of girl.
    • Beth: That's the boy. But folks raise your hand if you learned something about Meredith today!

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