Wednesday, June 22, 2011

any woman who can shoot and skin a bear is a woman i'd like to bed

last weekend, my friend Amanda and I rode the bus to New York City to see our Maureen. (New York City! That really chaps my hide! and please, don't act like you haven't seen the Pace Picante commercial that made one of my favorite sayings famous).

I realize how bizarre this all sounds. Me. On a bus. What makes it even more bizarre is that I had such high hopes for all the strangeness that awaited me. And other than the Asian man who insisted on wearing his seat belt the entire 4 hour ride, nothing was out of the ordinary. I mean, who even knew they made seat belts for charter buses? Better yet, who even knew people actually wore them while riding on a charter bus?

just a bunch of business people and regular ole families taking the bus to new york city.

it's fair to say that because of the complete normalness of this bus ride, my hide was chapped.

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