Thursday, June 30, 2011

i'm truly sorry for doing this. this is something stupid.

as if the casey anthony (and no, I do not look like her, despite popular belief) trial weren't ridiculous enough - go on and raise up florida, but please, leave your shirt on, today, a 28 year old TGIFridays server was held in contempt of court for flipping the DA off. now, despite all the things that make this guy completely not dateable, this is pretty funny. All he did was give someone the bird. I definitely have never considered that I might get put in the pokey for sticking my fingers up in the air. Granted, I've never flipped someone off whilst in court, but still. Being the daughter of a lawyer, I can definitely understand getting so mad at the law that you just want to show them (and by showing them I mean being super mature and flipping them the bird so they really get your drift).

If I (or my big brother, who we all know is THE picture of a "grown ass man." his words, not mine) had been sent to the big house every time we felt the need to show our longest digits to strangers and kin alike, we'd probably still be sitting in there. Like the time my brother mashed up my quiche at the dinner table. If I had just flipped him the bird, instead of wailing my head off, we could have spent tax payer dollars and gone to jail. Instead, he had to eat both my quiche and his, and I just had red eyes and a runny nose. jail would have been so much cooler.

so, just in case you want to know what would ever possess someone to flip the bird in a court of law (or, just in mine or my brother's every day life), I have supplied you a with a few reading materials, other than mine and my brother's blogs, of course:

1. the legal history of flipping the bird.
Years 1980, 1990, 1995, 2000, 2003 (go canada!), and 2010 are particularly funny. 2010 is great. apparently some people make it a habit of giving the same bird to the same people, over and over.

2. gesture of the finger.
i want to add two things. one, who even says up yours anymore? that's like the card game "bullshit." only, we were scared to say cuss words, so we said "yeah right" instead. yeah, we were cool. yeah right. and secondly, they left off that it is also called a "californy greetin." hasn't anyone ever seen the beverly hillbillies when they give grandma the finger for riding on top of the car in her rocking chair?

3. i don't know anything about this website. but i like it. and i intend to know a lot about it. like she says: who doesn't want really good shiz delivered to their inbox?

4. and of course, leave it to urban dictionary to give us a full explanation of the middle finger. i should have known the french started this tradition.

5. and lastly, the one finger victory salute, from my main squeeze:

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