Wednesday, May 30, 2012

psycho analysis of a txt

people often wonder why I am so attached to my phone. well my friends, in the past 48 hours ALONE, I have received the following txt and/or emails. and i have laughed tremendously loudly at each of these. i hope you're ready for a glimpse into the life that is deeze. also, next time someone asks me why I may or may not have a complex, I am going to direct them to this list.

1. midget wrestling is this wkend at Amos.'
2. honestly, your bright pink sneakers will fit in perfectly. The 80s are back and it is crazy!
3. no one wants to be able to out drink their man
4. Why are you so dramatic? if you calm down, you'll get hitched in no time.
5. it is very weird that I'm thinking about your rack before I go to bed tonight, especially knowing so little about it. Not exactly what I thought I would be discussing this evening. You're a blast from the past!
6. i am jealous you have a pen pal. what do you write about?
7. if those boys on swamp people were more educated, i would have my ass in louisiana trying to lockdown a husband.

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