Tuesday, May 1, 2012

what is a complex really: Example #2

Debra: i met a girl last night that reminded me of you
 me: oh yeah?
 Debra: not quite as awesome (obvi)
  but still, reminded me of you
  i went to an unofficial kappa happy hour in NJ
 this girl Lauren moved up here in Jan. from Atlanta
  helped start a Jersey Kappa group and this was our first time getting together
  and this chick seemed to know everyone
  i called her the mayor
  and told her she should have been recruitment
  she talked to everyone
  ran into a dude she'd hooked up with like years ago in Atlanta
we met up with a guy she met freshman year during Spring Break that lives up here named Doctor Dave
  and then another dude showed up at the 2nd bar that she'd made out with like a week ago
 no invite or anything, happened to be there, and texted her "hey i think i see you"
 i felt like i was hanging out with a bootleg meredith
  it seemed like something that would totally happen to you
  the randomness of the night
 me: hahahahah
  i feel like this needs to go on my blog
  along with the comments to my fbn status about barbara being a humper and everyone being like like mother like daughter
 Debra: hahahaha
 that one definitely
  she walked past a dude in a suit and was like, why are you wearing a beeper?
  he says he's a doctor and he's on call
  she's like well why are you drinking?
  you can't be drinking if you're on call
  they have this exchange for a minute
 until he's finally like, actually, that's my insulin pump
  a random girl standing nearby goes "Awk-waaaaaard!!!!"
 she got embarassed but was like, well how was i supposed to know, I've never seen one before!
  naturally we couldn't avoid him and he ended up by us again at the next bar too
me: hahahahahahahhaha
  this girl is my TWINDebra: i was amused :)
 and wished i lived in CH so i could get into shenanigans with the original

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