Tuesday, June 5, 2012

ipod cleanse

last night, i got a message that I had exceeded my storage limit on my iphone, and I would need to delete some items in order to continue with a successful sync. This upset me because this meant I would have to go through my itunes to delete songs that I may or may not want to listen to again in the future while at work, or in my car, or somewhere other than on my computer.

after much consideration, i deleted the following artists: clay aiken, enrique iglesias, jessica simpson, nick lachey, dave matthews band and a few rando has beens.

i told emily this news today. her response? "well did you delete michael bolton? because he needs to go."

umm, absolutely not. Michael Bolton stays. as a matter of fact, now that I have so much space freed up on my ipod, I might just add some more michael bolton.

tell me this. i know a hater is gonna hate. but how can anyone hate on all dis? it's impossible to say you love him and be lying about it.

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