Wednesday, June 13, 2012

oh, don't mEYEnd me. i only overslept.

confession wednesday. last night was a big night. In order to properly prepare for the new season of Teen Mom - as in I was going to have to not be hungry so I wouldn't have to leave my couch position for the entire episode - Ernie and I went for dinner. We gorged on cheeseburgers, fries and ice cream  (i mean, I had already had chick fil a for breakfast and bojangles for lunch, so why would I not continue to throw my weight watchers diet to the wind )...side note, that biggie song should really go like this: "piggie piggie piggie, can't you see. sometimes your eatin just hypnotizes me." Three pounds later, I was ready for my night. I took my place on the couch and reminisced on seasons past with the Teen Mom marathon. And then the new season began. It was even better than I had hoped, and that is probably because I am on Tweeter this time around and can communicate directly with all of the teen moms (and dads in some cases) as I so choose. (except for Amber. She's in the pokey which is unfortunate because I really wanted to tell her to fix her makeup.I mean let's be real for a minute.  Silver eyeliner went out about the same time my silver sparkle Airwalk sneaks went out). So thing leads to another, and approximately 400 tweeters later, I realize it's almost 1a and I have been sitting in my zone for well over three hours, telling these teens how to raise their children (because, you know, since I have none, I am an expert on child rearing).

I also realized that because I am a real adult, I have a job. That I had to go to in just a few short hours. My only choice was to go to bed.

Except then I didn't wake up until 830 this morning. And if I'm not at work by 9:30, it's basically a guarantee I won't be getting a parking spot. And now I can say that I am glad to present to you day two on how to look like the overworked, underpaid, sleep deprived hot mess you really are.

You have probably wondered who hit me to give me such a dark circle under my eye. Well, even though I am a woman and should probably learn to keep my mouth shut, this dark circle was not caused by anything other than my lack of sleep. And my inability to allow myself time to use under eye concealer. I have friends who will not go out of the house without at the VERY least their under eye concealer. I do own some. I also own some really refreshing under eye gel to help me wake up. But as you can see, I did not use it this morning. If you look closely, you will also notice that not only am I having severe hair on top of my head issues, but I am also having severe eyebrow hair issues. I haven't had the time to go get a fresh eye brow wax. And now I have just as many stray hairs as I do tweeters to the teen moms. And clearly my eyelashes are a struggling party of two.

It's time you and eye both start getting our acts together.

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