Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Concerning Stalkers (but not me of course)

There are a few factoids you should know about me.
1. I love Jessica simpson. Always have, always will. And I completely get why she thought chicken of the sea would be chicken.
2. I love justin bieber. I am a belieber baby and I will glad wake him up daily; he won’t need no starbuck (wait, that’s Luda but you get my point).
3. I have a weekend crush on my neighbor. He peeks my interest with his cases of beer cans strewn about his porch, his woman of the day and his job that he won’t talk about.
4. I am also a bit crazy. I know, that seems a bit off, but I am. Know how I know? Please see the below excerpts from two different G-chat conversations I’ve had just this morning.

me: i signed up for twitter so i could communicate with spencer reid from criminal minds
betty22getty: oooh wow...
I got nothin' on tha
me: i mean, slightly stalkerish
betty22getty: only slightly though
betty22getty: so did anything exciting happen after dinner last night?
me: spied on my neighbor who had a girl on his porch
then just went to bed
me: could i sound like ANYMORE of a stalker?
betty22getty: I mean you COULD
but then I would probably be concerned
me: sheesh

me: i love spencer reid though
i want to marry him
Natalie: he's so amart
me: do we think he's really that smart in person or just on tv?
he talks like he's smart all the time
and i love him
and his long hair
Natalie: hmm i dont know
me: i wonder how i can meet him
i need to find his fan club
Natalie: i just googled him and his real name is Matthew Gubler
and he use to be a fashion model
me: i found some facts about his character.
he is a genius
he graudated high school at age 12
he hold phds in math, chemistry and engineering
Natalie: haha.. i just read that the real guy's mom was the first woman to serve as nevada's republican state chairman
me: he can read 20,000 words per minute and doesnt have email
Natalie: that is the character!
whoa.. sorry
me: hahahaha
i like how he wears his gun on a hoslter
Natalie: apparently his character gets killed on the show
that's really sad
me: WHAT
Natalie: i havent seentaht one
me: he gets tortured
what episode
Natalie: An episode of his show Criminal Minds which ended in his character Spencer Reid staring down the barrel of a gun, received the highest ratings in the show's history (by episode) at over 25 million viewers.E214
it doesnt say episode number
me: omg
im so sad
i found his twitter
he's funny
i need to get twitter
i will only follow him
he has an iphone
which means we can facetime each other
I wish the Hammer museum in LA was actually the M.C Hammer museum
9:16 AM Jan 14th via Twitter for iPhone
i tihnk he's my soul mate
Natalie: lol
me: i am going to sign up for twitter
and follow him, justin bieber, jessica simpson and zac efron
Natalie: haha nice
and you can "tweet"
me: ok i am set up
and following
i am going to tweet him
me: i just tweeted him
ooo lah lah
Natalie: ooo lala

here's to best friends who make you feel normal by entertaining you with these types of conversations.

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