Friday, January 21, 2011

Go Bird Go

So, I’m not sure tweeting is for me. I like birds and all (but please, don’t ask me about the time I babysat my neighbor’s bird and the bird keeled over and I blamed it on the maid), but this tweeting stuff might really be for the birds.

Tweet #1. (remember my secret crush on Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds?) “I’m only on Twitter because I wanted to say hi to @gublernation. Every night I stay up way past my bedtime because of you!”

Tweet #2. (if you came to my 21st birthday redo bar crawl party, you will know that I love beet farmers). “@RainnWilson: getting rick rolled has its perks but mainly it just hurts your back.”

Additionally, I’ve started following the Kardashians, Justin Bieber, Usher, Rick Astley, Paula Abdul, and some others. I’m even following a man in a blue speedo. But I have several concerns with twitter. I have some randos following me to start with. I don’t know them. And because I am Mike Jones, to them I say “you don’t know me!” Apparently, I can make my twitter private, but how are all the movie stars going to follow me if I am private? So, won’t be doing that. I don’t want any celeb to think I don’t want their love or that I am too exclusive to include them. Randos it is! Secondly, of the two tweets I have made, I have not been responded to nor retweeted. This makes a girl like me nervous for I have put myself out there and have essentially been rejected. Were my tweets not funny enough? Is my profile pic not pretty enough? Did I come on too strong? Why am I not getting any responses?! Who do they think they are that they don’t have to respond to me!

Tweeting is starting to sound like dating…first I’m insecure and then I’m angry. and here I am still a freakin’ nervous squirrel because I’m not getting the attention I need. And I can’t stop singing that song “Rockin’ Robin.” (tweet tweet. Oh rockin’ robin, we’re really gonna rock tonight.)

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