Monday, January 17, 2011

is a dream really a wish your heart makes?

you know the song...Cinderella is telling her animal friends to keep dreaming and never give up. I personally believe dreams are your subconcious' way of working things out. However, I'm pretty sure there is nothing to work out about my dream from last night.

The Situation and I were having a sleepover. We ate cookies in bed, read bedtime stories to one another and then had a hot and heavy makeout sesh. At one point, I called him a jerk and he got upset with me. Told me he wasn't a jerk like everyone thinks. The whole time, my mom and some kid from my church youth group were in the kitchen. Weird, weird weird. I have no idea what this dream means other than perhaps I am secretly attracted to the Situation? but I mean, who isn't.

But I do know that there is absolutely nothing to take from this dream and nothing for my brain to be working out. I also know that Cinderella is a liar.

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