Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Card Fail

So, if you see the below card you will see it is signed "The Robertson Family." I thought this was strange. I mean, here's the deal. Just because I don't have a wedding or a baby to send Christmas cards about doesn't mean I shouldn't send out Christmas cards. So, last year I started the tradition of sending out cards full of pictures of me for your fridge. However, this year, I found it a bit awkward that I couldn't remove "the family" signature block. I love the card. But I do not love having to sign it the family.

But, I am giddy to announce that my awkwardness on the Christmas card has officially been surpassed by my friend Bridgette. Now, I don't know too many new wives that don't get excited about the first married Christmas tree, the first married Christmas card, the first married Christmas Day, etc. Shoot, I know when I get hitched I am sending out Christmas cards the size of a science fair project board. Since Bridgette recently married Ryan, she obviously has a lot to put on a Christmas card. Only, she forgot to remove the generic family language from the card (at least she had the option to remove it) and didn't realize it until she had paid - and the cards had shipped.

The Ryan and Bridgette Blair Christmas 2011 card is affectionately signed "Allison, Albert and Anna Hutchinson."

I absolutely cannot wait to see these cards.

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