Monday, December 19, 2011

trans siberian orchestra

y'all. have you ever been to this? have you ever heard of this? have you ever really experienced all that is the trans siberian orchestra?

let me just tell you.

i knew i didn't like their music. it didn't occur to me that i may not like the show. i mean, i don't care for the gorillaz really but their show was amaze.

Sunday night, Evan txted me to tell me he had two extra box seats if I wanted them. it was 7p and the show started at 7:30. i immediately faced an great internal battle. i love sitting in a box. But I also love sitting in my gym clothes with my gym hair and watching the real housewives. But I figured I should go. I mean Home Alone is one of my favorite movies of all time. So I blew Nikki's phone up until she responded and at exactly 720 I picked her up. I gotta admit. I was a little nervous. We were going to be sitting next to Rod Brind'amour's box and we all know how much I love him. And I hadn't washed my hair. I just wasn't feeling confident that my fancy headband was going to cut it this time.

Little did I know how glad I was going to that I didn't wash my hair.

Nikki and I arrived, hit up Evan at the bar for some spirits, and the show began. Almost immediately we looked at each other and said "what the f%$!" Where were we. What were we listening to? We looked down at the masses, all swaying in unison to the music and really thinking the light show was awesome. It was during our discussions of why they would be singing about Russia if they weren't Russian that it dawned on us how we were the odd ones out. We were the ones with the problem for thinking this show was lame. We decided it was time to get the hell out of there. We made our way back to the bar, imbibed a bit more, and blew that joint.

It was quite obvious that neither one of us knew exactly what we were getting ourselves into, especially since until the show began (and possibly even until the third song) we were under the impression we were seeing Mannheim Steamroller (which would explain why we were dressed up and everyone else was in jeans).

All I know if thank God I didn't wash my hair. Thank God the tickets were free. And like Nikki said, thank God we weren't epileptic because we probably would have had to be taken out on stretchers.

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