Tuesday, December 20, 2011

excellent stocking stuffer idea

can we talk about something? Can we puhlease talk about Flashing Janet?

why have I never heard of this doll until now? Better yet, why hasn't anyone ever given me this doll? And even further, why did I have to go to book club to learn about her existence?

I can't stop thinking about her. She begins her dance upon a whistle (or any sound for that matter, which is great since I can't whistle). Her dance is called the "horizontal vertical shuffle" and sounds eerily like a portion of my 12 seconds with a white girl dance. Her theme song is "I wanna be loved by you." I suppose the good news is that her wardrobe malfunction is her tube top dropping like it's hot and not her romper splitting up the hiney.

As it turns out, I have a lot in common with Flashing Janet.

boo boo bee doodily dum.

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