Monday, December 5, 2011

never the less (anyway)

Today I received this blog in my Inbox. Isn't it funny how sometimes, just when you are about to lose your mind, you get a second wind? like a do over. i needed to be slapped around. lately, i've been feeling very unappreciated. i've felt left out of some friends lives. i've felt beat down at work. i've just been...blah.

i realized today that at some point, i was going to have to get over it. i was going to have to accept that some things were just going to be this way. friends are going to change. no one is going to appreciate me the way i feel i should be appreciated. but it doesn't just stop at acceptance. i was also going to have to embrace it. embrace this attitude. otherwise, i'd stay in a bad mood. and i don't want to be in a bad mood.

and then I was reminded that even when I feel unappreciated, I needed to nevertheless [continue] to serve God wholeheartedly. My reward comes from the Lord, and He sees, and He knows, and that’s enough.

he sees. he knows.

and that is more than enough.

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