Tuesday, January 17, 2012

act like a lady, think like a man

A reader asked Steve Harvey how men really feel about women drivers. His response?

"This is the the twenty-first century, so most men don't have a problem with women drivers. But there are still some old fashioned, chauvinist men who think women should leave the driving to the opposite sex. I don't know what cave they're living in. matter of fact, I haven't met any of them yet."

Steve. The reason you haven't met any of them yet is because they live in North Carolina (and parts of Florida) and are most likely related to me. You live in Cali and as far as I am aware, are not related to me.

These men don't live in caves. They exist! In real life! And they also tell Helen Keller jokes. I cannot tell a lie. Their jokes are funny.

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  1. So true. An ex of mine would never let me drive, and that was before I had a sassy lil' whip.