Sunday, January 1, 2012

richard nixon

speaking of my mother, she is really pretty funny. The other day, while lamenting to her that I didn't like the layout of her kitchen, she said to me that one day, she would have a kitchen I liked, a car I liked and a bathroom that I liked. And then she reminded me that she would be dead and gone by then.

the thing about that though is that it's really not my fault she has a car that makes no sense for her 3 grown children to ride around in together. and it's also not my fault that all 3 of her grown children share a bathroom when all 3 stay for christmas. i told them when I was 9 they should have built a bathroom in my room, but what do I know. neither of my parents rarely do what I say now, so you can bet your bottom dollar they didn't listen to a 9 year old Deeze.

but the best thing she said to me during my visit home? she reminded me that one day I would be sorry. Sorry because I won't have her to kick around anymore like she's Richard Nixon.

uhhh what? This made me confused. Why was she quoting Richard Nixon to me?

I did some research. Turns out she was correct in her quoting. Richard Nixon really did say that. He also told the media that he would not be doing any more press conferences. the good news is, if you know anything about my mother and her life lessons, you will be relieved to know that while she may not be Richard Nixon, she's not ready to stop giving press conferences.

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