Thursday, January 19, 2012

good deals

everyone knows the deeze loves a good deal. the only problem is, if there are too many good deals going on at once, it's hard for me to keep up. When I say it's hard for me to keep up, I really mean it's hard for my wallet to keep up. And my mom monitors her credit card statement closely. Any mysterious charge that she KNOWS she didn't make, she immediately calls wanting to know why I've been shopping on her dime (this has only happened once or twice in my life).

At any rate, this week is a week where I'm having some financial conflicts within my head. You see, Living Social has Glamour Shots on sale. For $20, I could get $100 to spend on: Photo Session, Makeup Application, and Prints (Pay $20) or a Boudoir Photo Shoot with Makeup, Hair, and Wardrobe Change, Plus a Two-Image Framed Collage Portrait ($20).

Now. This is a good deal. I've always wanted to do Glamour Shots (proof I was deprived as a child. I have yearnings for these types of things). And even better is this deal includes a boudoir sesh! Who doesn't want to sit in their hankies for twenty bucks?! I really hope Glamour Shots has improved since Deb sold them to Napoleon's uncle. Otherwise, this may not be such a good deal. Sitting in your hankies is one thing but sitting in your hankies wearing a borrowed acid washed jean jacket is a whole other ballgame. Not to mention finding someone to give your framed portrait to. (Side note. Please good glamour shot images and count the number of jean jackets. You won't get anything else done today because you'll be counting for the rest of your life!)

But let's not forget the other good deals this week. For only twelve smackaroos, you can own your own shake weight.
Now, I don't know what you're thinking but I am thinking that this joker definitely got that buff by shaking his weight. No way would anyone mess with him when he's shaking his weight around. A guy that big could take you any day. All from shaking his weight and not looking like he's been passing out handys right and left. Plus you can tell by his face that he is serious about his shake weight (he actually kind of looks like my cousin Tyler, but we won't tell him that). I've been looking for a new workout regime. One that I could really stick to, really become good at, and possibly even train others. So why would I not take advantage of this good deal?

Amongst other things for me to consider: a portable hot dog steamer and a Scandavian elbow glove koozie. I mean seriously. Be still my beating heart because my wallet CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE.

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  1. So your post hit home on three accounts for me:

    1. I did glamour shots when I was in, I think, 5th grade. The only people displaying the proofs are my parents, thank the good Lord. The photog lady had me wear a gold lame' (la-may, though lame would describe it well) drape wrapped around my shoulders. Buy the hot dog steamer instead. Or....

    2. The SHAKE WEIGHT! I (and the hubs Zeke) own shake weights, and dude I kid you not they are amazing. I've done running, free weights, Pilates, yoga, and P90X, and nothing has gotten my arms more defined more quickly. It's fab. Mind you, I do it on the tail-end of a beastly P90X workout. So maybe the shake weight is kinda like steroids -- it prob won't work as well unless you buddy it up with some intense workout.

    3. The "passing out handys" comment made me bust out laughing, esp when I read your recent phone convo post. You see, Germans call cell phones "Handys." So obviously you were referring to the fact that this buff guy is also a Verizon wireless sales consultant with a profitable 1st quarter so far... right?