Monday, January 30, 2012

wtf at the W

This past weekend whilst in Miami, we stayed at the W. Why? Because we are ballers. That's why.

Except none of us expected to fork over TWENTY SIX fat ones for one tiny mimosa.

Don't get me wrong. The strawberry was cut just perfectly to garnish our glass.

Only our glasses weren't glass. They were plastic.

And I'm almost positive that wasn't Dom Perignon in my drank.

We may think we're shot callers but we clearly aren't ballers. At least not at the W pool side bar.


  1. W stands for Wanker. I stayed at the Atlanta one a few years back. Back story: I'm a cheap bastard. I never touch anything in a mini-bar, even at a fancy HJ. The W folks tried to charge me for a bottle of that silly Voss water - 14 DOLLARS. For a bottle of water poured from a tap in Norway, so I'm quite sure it's full of E. Coli from lemming droppings and a touch of ash from that crazy Iceland volcano.
    Mind you, when I called and said I'm a cheap bastard and never ever NEVER would touch the mini-bar, the Wankers were kind enough to remove the fake charge.
    Glad I never tried the Mimosas. You took one for the team, my dear.

  2. hahaha i love your use of the word wanker. i need to utilize it more. good for you for getting your lettuce back! damn thieving wankers!