Wednesday, March 7, 2012

fatty fatty two by four times two

speaking of drive thrus, Krispy K's and things I hate, one thing I do not hate is a drive thru. I find them to be delicious. One of my favorites is In N Out Burger. It's my tradition that as soon as I land at SFO, I get delivered to the In N Out on Millbrae for my californian delight. and i want it animal style thank you very much (like on the discovery channel).

This most recent trip was no different. Except on the way back to the airport, the cab driver took us to a different In N Out. And it was connected to a Krispy K. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. My heart literally was beating out of my chest. And no, it was not from the cholesterol. (and let's not even mention the fact that my mother cried laughing when i told her I took a cab to the drive thru. She told me I sure was a tourist. I am not in fact a tourist. I am from NC where the Krispy K was invented! All those californians are tourists. I am just a local. Doing it like they do on the discovery channel).

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