Wednesday, March 7, 2012

love and hate = fatty fatty two by four?

I hate a lot of things. Not people. Things. One of the greatest sources for my hate is my blasted iPhone. I hate its guts. It drives me crazy. it facetimes people when I'm nakey (i mean, this could be fun but it never happens at opportune moments), it mutes people when I'm talking (and let's face it - i should NEVER be on mute) and it auto corrects me at all the wrong moments. I mean, have sent the word fornicate to my brother.

However. As much as I love to tell people how much I hate my iPhone, today I got excited about it.

You see, Krispy Kreme has an app! For free!! The HOT LIGHT app lets you locate a Krispy K wherever you are. And it also tells you whether or not the hot donuts now sign is on. please be still my beating heart.

Now as long as the phone doesn't auto correct the street address so I miss the hot light at the donut shop, I should be fine. The only thing worse would be if I showed up and the drive thru lady had to take a pit stop in between taking my order and giving me my donuts, and the sign gets turned off in the meantime. And believe me. It's happened before so it could happen again.

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