Wednesday, March 7, 2012

i just don't even know

my parents are remodeling the kids' bathroom at their home. if you have ever seen the kids' bathroom, you would understand why this is such a big undertaking. we're talking shiny pastel lavendars, pinks and greens. there may even be a bubble curtain. I wish I was kidding. also, it is important to note that the kids whose bathroom this is include a 31 year old kid, a 29 year old kid and a 22 year old kid. tonight my mother was sharing with me the ideas she has for the remodel. I told her that I was so happy to hear this because that bathroom was so ugly. she replied with "well meredith, 21 years ago that bathroom looked good."

this reminded me of a guy I once knew named British Mark. He wore black skinny jeans before they were cool (um wait, still not cool), black high tops, had long flowing blonde locks and a dangly cross earring hanging out his ear. He was was the spitting image of fabio, if fabio had decided to join a hair band instead of a harlequin romance novel. Once during one of our Boston Market lunches, he was lamenting to me how hard it was for him to pick up women (I guess this is why he showed up at the company christmas party with a stripper he had met the night before. Again, I wish I was kidding). I said "mark, you look like you're from the 80s." His reply? "Meredith, I looked good in the 80s."

my bad.

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