Thursday, March 15, 2012

you shut your mouth when you're writing to me

today at lunch with my team, we were discussing my love of posting on the company email forum (i think forum works here) and how you shouldn't get me started on chick fil a or parking lot issues. My boss said it generally goes like this: someone sends an email that is inevitably going to start a discussion thread, you hear me laugh (because i am the funniest person i know), my boss says "uh oh" and then the next thing you know, I've joined into the discussion, usually with a rebuttal to the original poster's concern. (and yes, i have been accused publicly of not only drinking, but guzzling hateraid. hilarious!) None of my current team mates worked with me during my previous stint with the company, and because I didn't want them to truly miss out, I shared with them about the day I got scolded for sending approximately 64 emails quoting Napoleon Dynamite. So then another co-worker who was joining us for lunch reminded me of the time i got blasted on the interwebs for sending a cease and desist letter. i had forgotten about it. Re-reading it makes me laugh. I still remember getting an email directly to my inbox from a colleague asking if I was aware of the open source frenzy I had started (and flaming I was receiving). And because I don't want any of you missing out, I am sharing it below. all i know is - thank GOD for google!! (note: if you don't already google yourself, you should. it can be scary. but also really funny. especially when a picture of you from your first prom that you sent to your boyfriend in oklahoma (what?) pops up).

original letter posted here

frenzy found here

and if you still want more entertainment, just google my name and "cease and desist." it's a good break from the work day for sure. and you might even learn something about trademark law!

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  1. Are you serious with this? Holy crap, this is the most unbelievable use of the interwebs I've ever seen. Way to poke the sleeping bear, Mere.