Monday, March 28, 2011

bums all around

Saturday night, a group of my peeps went to dinner then out for drinks. Because I'm cool, I preferred to stay in and just meet out for drinks. I drove downtown, parked in the parking deck and felt like a big girl as I made my way towards what I thought was the after dinner spot. How quickly I realized I was lost. I stopped and asked two (very attractive mind you) men in suits for directions. They directed me toward another bar and when I got there, I asked the bouncer how to get to my original destination. Now, the last time I did this in Raleigh, the bouncer screamed at me and flipped me off. Thank goodness this one was a bit nicer as he just sent me back where I came from. As I made my way toward my destination, keeping my friends in the loop with minute by minute txt updates, I heard someone behind me. I turned and found a bum on my heels. Like, super close to me. I pulled over into the doorway of the restaurant I ripped the bum (so many uses for the word bum these days!) of my ropper in and waited for him to pass. Only he stopped too. I said "if you're going in, I will get out of your way." He said he wasn't going in. So I went in and stood against the wall whilst txting my friends that I was trapped by a bum at the Times. Next thing I know, the bum was next to me against the wall. So I walked to the other side of the restaurant and out the other door. A friend called and said he was coming to get me so to walk to the corner and he'd meet me there. People, we're talking the corner was maybe 8 feet from the doorway I was currently in. I literally sprinted to the corner and he was there to scoop me up. He asked if that was the bum following me and I turned around and THERE WAS MY BUM. I screamed and ran to the bar. My friend said he wasn't trying to make light of the situation but that it was pretty funny to watch me run in heels screaming that a bum was following me.

Not gonna lie, I was scared. I had left my mace in the car and I still don't have my gun. There's been a lot of violence here in town lately concerning bums and honestly I feel like this bum was hoping I'd take a wrong turn into a dark alley. it was scary. Sorry for the not funny story but I felt like sharing. I never think it's a good idea for a girl to walk around by herself at night, but at 915 in a well lit area of town, I honestly thought I was ok going roughly 2 blocks total from where I had parked. Women need to be aware of their surroundings and be able to defend themselves. I used to fight kick box and I've always said that while I didn't take it for self defense purposes, I felt like if I got mugged, I might have a chance of at least showing the dude what was up. Next time anyone becomes a close walker, I'll show him what's up. And I won't wait for him to follow me into a restaurant before I do it either. oh, and i'll be calling my old kickboxing instructor to get some more lessons from him. and you can bet i'm starting the gun safety in NC process stat.

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