Monday, March 14, 2011

what is a bum?

I don't recommend googling images of "bum" whilst at work. You'll get a lot of pictures of butts and also of Asian people, which I find curious. Nonetheless, and (appropriate) definitions for "bum" include: a tramp, hobo, or derelict; a druken orgy; debauch; to disappoint, upset or annoy; a homeless person. My own definition of a "bum" is my date from yesterday.

Let me lay out the facts. This was a blind date. He suggested breakfast because I didn't want to do dinner (but not because a girl doesn't have to eat). I told him I could meet him before church. We met at a diner ATTACHED TO A GAS STATION. I wore church clothes and he wore work boots, dirty jeans and a tshirt. oh, and he hadn't shaved in about 4 days. Conversation was ok. Food was ok. Really, I'm not such a snob that I care that much WHERE we ate (though I did turn down Bob Evans)but I do believe in the importance of first impressions. As you can imagine, I was not impressed. He messaged me later in the day letting me know he could tell I wasn't feeling it. I said we were more different than I initially thought because I believe in the importance of a good first impression and he is clearly a what you see is what you get. He said he would never dress up to go eat breakfast at the gas station. I told him I would never dress like a bum for someone I could potentially be interested in. he told me he took offense to the fact that I called him a bum. I told him I took offense to the fact that he dressed like a bum for our first (and last) date. he told me was glad he at least got delicious pigs in a blanket out of it.

the end.

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