Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Haiku for the Snoopy's Crew

Tonight, I am craving a cheeseburger. And while I do intend to start a new national day called "I must have a quarter pounder with cheese NOW day," I realize that it just so happens to be 99 cent night (did you know there's no cent symbol on the apple laptops? another reason for me to hate apple's guts) at Snoopy's. Now, a little background: every tuesday in college some girlfriends and I would go get hot dogs at Snoopy's. So much so that, like all places I frequent, I was on a first name basis with Troy, the owner. One Tuesday, in graphic design class - YES GRAPHIC DESIGN CLASS. I know, I can't believe I was in this class either - the teacher told us to write a haiku about what we were thinking. Clearly I was thinking about getting a delicious wienie, maybe two or three, in just an hour. Hotdog (or wiener) didn't fit in my haiku pentameter and a half though. So, I changed it to cheeseburger, because Snoop's also sold them. and they too were delicious. I have dug up two things: 1. the picture of some of my girlfriends and me on a Tuesday night that Troy proudly hung in the pickup window of his shop and b) the haiku that also hung in the pickup window and that also landed me a BIG PHAT D in graphic design. she was such a cold, heartless b. and this was serious art for me. Additionally, I'd like to note that we have ALL improved ten-fold since college. sheesh.

A Haiku for the Snoopy’s Crew

By: Meredith Robertson
( A Meredith College Student and Dedicated Snoopy’s Customer)

[insert cheesy graphic that i did not design]

Dreamy, Tasty Snoops
Cheeseburger…I cannot wait
To Bite Into You

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