Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Conversations with Deb

Deb (Debra, Debbie) works for the NBA. You can imagine the conversations we have about whether or not Kobe is innocent, when is she going to set me up with an NBA player, and when is she going to get me tickets to the All Star game so I can chase Justin Bieber. Oh, and besides our mutual shared love of Boys II Men and the New Kids, she also is an announcer for the Giants. Today though, our conversation shifted.

Debra: if i wanted to go as merdeezy for halloween, what should i wear?
me: lol im dressing as justin bieber for halloween
Debra: it would be like trying to go as barbie... there's cowgirl merdeezy, synchronized swimming merdeezy, dance dance revolution merdeezy....
Debra: the possibilities are endless!
Debra: and the new special edition merdeezy, complete with merdeezy dream
tree house with collapsable stairs, hooker heels, and coccyx pad

Despite the ability to name drop her to impress boys, I think it is evident why I am friends with her.

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  1. And you can't forget weenie head Merdeezy, marshmallow Merdeezy, and possibly my favorite, Evening wear Merdeezy dressed head to toe in silk romper!