Tuesday, March 22, 2011

oh chris, did ya hafta?

Dear Chris Brown:

It's too bad you had to go psycho again. You say you can't get away from your past but maybe if you stopped acting a fool, you'd be able to show the world that you're new and improved (and anger free). I guess it's time I have my "Leave Chris the eff alone" shirt made (with "you know you woulda hit her too" on the back) to go with my "free kobe" shirt. It's starting to get expensive being the one man army that I am, supporting you crazy kids.

I stand by you Chris. I know Rhianna provoked you that night in your rented Lambo, and while I don't condone hitting females (males, maybe, but definitely not females), I can't say I wouldn't have hit her back too. I also stand by you on your statements regarding the nightmare that is Charlie Sheen, I think, though a refresher course in some of his most recent and most hilarious statements proves that more than several could easily have been said by you. Or just apply to you. Also, put on a shirt. Those tats look ridic and I'm pretty sure your mama is ashamed of the way her boy is behaving.

Boom, crush.
Night, losers.
Winning, duh.

Love, deezy.

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