Tuesday, August 30, 2011

convos with my mother

as I do every night, tonight I called my mother to report in that I was home. You see, if I don't somehow notify her that I am home, she thinks I am dead in a ditch somewhere. We typically have interesting convos (since both of our lives are very interesting) and tonight was no exception. For your enjoyment, I am providing you with an excerpt.

Mom: now, listen to this. here is a nekkid man that was a streaker with a raccoon in his car.
Me: why did he have a raccoon in his car?
Mom: I don't know. let me see here. People sure are getting into this streaking thing. (you can find the article she perused here).
Me: Why did he get arrested?
Mom: for being nekkid I guess.
Me: It's illegal to be nekkid? We're born nekkid.
Mom: well I guess meredith people just don't want to see all that. do you want to see all that every time you go around?
Me: well, I don't know.
Mom: (interrupting me) oh here we go. ok. so the man got arrested for streaking and then they found the raccoon in his car with his girlfriend. she was nekkid to. it says she was in the car with a furry companion.
Me: why do they have to call it a furry companion when they say she was nekkid?
Mom: i don't know. but they were both nekkid with a raccoon in the car. oh wait, here is pete on the video. i gotta show your dad.

i guess our convo about nekkid raccoons was over.

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