Wednesday, August 31, 2011

convos with my whole house

tonight I called my mom's cell phone to tell her I had found my hearing aid. My dad answers her cell phone. He is just a talkin' but I can't hear a word. Remember how I said I had found my hearing aid? Well I did. but it was at work. (which by the way makes sense since I only wear it at work). Which means I couldn't hear dad on mom's cell phone because he had the tv turned up all the way. "Dad," I said, "I can't hear a word you're saying because the tv is turned up as loud as it can go." He tells me to hang on while he "finds the right button to do just that" and then resumes our conversation. We chit chat for a few minutes and then I ask for mom. "Oh she's on the phone with so and so." Now, I have this theory. There are about six different people that my mom is always on the phone with when I call. I say they have a meredith-dar because they know just when I'm going to call and then they call too. So I always take a back seat to one of these so and sos. I said "of COURSE she's on the phone with so and so! she's ALWAYS on the phone with so and so!" You know what my dad said? "Now, don't be too loud. She may hear you. This phone of your moms is on speaker phone and I don't know how to turn it off."

I can imagine it now. Dad in the kitchen watching tv (because that's his fave place to watch tv which has always struck us as odd) talking on mom's cell phone on the speaker. Mom is probably within earshot in the den talking on the house phone to so and so. And the tv turned up as loud as it can go.

So I called Eli. She picked up and told me she would have to call me back because mom and dad were downstairs being too loud and she couldn't hear.

(Side note. while I was typing this, my mom calls me up and tells me she doesn't appreciate her children thinking she wasn't supposed to have any friends but them and that she was not at my beck and call like I seem to think. that's nice. and wrong).

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