Friday, September 2, 2011

grammar pet peeves

I am not usually a grammar nazi. lord knows I don't always speak correctly. but the confusion between suppose and supposed and use and used drives me crazy. this is a common confusion even people i know who are not dummies make. please read and let's all try harder in 2011 to use these words appropriately.

1. suppose v. supposed

I suppose i will do that.
i am supposed to do that.
you are supposed to do that.

it is NOT i am suppose to do something.

2. use v. used

i am used to that.
you are used to that.
i will use that.

it is NOT i am use to that.

oh, and while i'm at it. please do not caption your pictures "so and so and i at the mall" or anything like that. if you take so and so out of it, you would caption the picture "me at the mall" not "i at the mall."

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  1. Oh how my love for you grows by leaps and bounds when being a little Eloise Grathwohl. :-)