Friday, September 9, 2011

you've been slapped

the other night, i got an invitation from a cute boy to ride to wal mart with him (now. we all know wal mart scares me most of the time, so this must have been quite the cute boy). I was secretly excited though because Wal Mart always has odd things upon its shelves. And odd people. And I needed a hair clip. I should probably admit that Mr. Cute Boy informed me upon entering Wal Mart that he hoped someone took a picture of me and posted it to I mean, I didn't look any more ridiculous than I normally look (think UNC gear, glasses and no shower) but he hates UNC. But whatever. Somewhere in between the coffee pots and the hair clips, he discovered Slap Energy Drink.


So much energy it's like you got slapped in the face.

that's not their slogan. Mr. Cute Boy made it up. but according to this article, the Slap drink works like a charm when it comes to slapping that tired look off your face. I found it funny. and I needed to laugh since I was about to cry that he had found such a great treat at Wal Mart and I had not. Actually, he had found two. the Slap and the deeze. Mr Cute Boy, it was your lucky day at the Wal mart.

good thing it's the weekend. and wally world is just down the road. i got some slapping to do.

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