Monday, September 12, 2011

garage loser

Lee called tonight to inform me he had gotten a garage door opener for his house. I didn't even know his garage worked, but apparently it does. And now he has a garage door opener to he can open that biznitch up, rain or shine.

Then I reminded him of the time he asked me to go apartment shopping with him. He had no money - I mean, this was before Jos A. Bank people. So I took it upon myself to tell him how he could spend his money each month. Which, in retrospect is pretty hilarious considering I should probably have someone tell me how to spend my money each month (however, this is not an offer to mom or dad to become my financial bosses). One of the apartment complexes we shopped was a gated community and an amenity was a gate clicker for your car. EXCUSE ME? That is an AMENITY? If I'm not mistaken, an amenity is something they give you for paying out your bahonkey to live there. Like a gym with no ceiling fans. Or a pool with water so warm you feel like you're swimming in a bowl full of urine at the YMCA. At any rate, this particular amenity was an extra charge. an extra 75 bucks or something ridiculous like that. I heard that, turned to my big brother and told him no way in hell was his broke arse getting a gate clicker. he took it in stride and simply turned to the apartment guy and said "no thank you" for the gate clicker.

i guess lee's call to me tonight was two fold. not only did he inform me of his new garage opener, but he clearly was also informing me that with this purchase, our financial ties had been completely severed. i'm not worried though. Since I am a boss it all, I'm sure I'll still manage to tell him how to run his life sooner rather than later. Garage clicker, garage schmicker.

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